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Google Ads is one of the hardest ways to advertise, but often the most lucrative when done correctly. It is amazing being able to advertise to the rich/poor, male/female, hour of the day, or even based on the whether. Whether you’re looking to promote your own products/services or affiliate for others, Google Ads can get the right audience almost all of the time.

Facebook  has over 2/7 billion as of the second quarter of 2020. This audience is still relatively checp and easy to deal with. Apart from being able to target them on Facebook and your site. We even have some great remarketing possibilities. In essence a great all-round player!

We can create all sorts of small to medium-sized sites from eCommerce, lead generation, or the sale of products or services. We will create the site with your marketing goals in mind. For example, we are not going to waste time adding a billion pages when 4 or 5 are enough to generate your income. Once you have proof of concept and you are making a fair amount, that’s when we scale the site up.

Conversion tracking is so important and often so underrated part of online businesses. Where is the money coming from? Where are we wasting? These answers become obvious when the tracking is set upright.¬† Track everything from forms to calls. You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to have conversion accurately tracking your efforts.

Want a beautiful report for your clients or shareholders? We recommend that we set that up using Google Data studio. They can be set up with live data, historically pull data for as long as you have it, segment data, & and so much more. Once a report is made it’s so easy for you to replicate the report meaning you only need to pay once and then enjoy the report for years.¬†

If you are looking for leads but you don’t have a website or a clue about marketing, we can take care of that for you. We may create a website or a Facebook page with no cost for you. Then proceed to do all the marketing for you. So sounds awesome? So at what point do you pay? We will be keeping a count of the calls, emails, or form completions we have sent you, then invoice you based on the leads we have sent.