The Truth About Lead Generation and Why Your Marketing Team Is Costing You Profit

Effective Marketing through Lead Generation​

Even if that doubting voice in your head tells you that lead generation is risky and expensive, I’m here to show you why you’re wrong. Buying leads not only saves you money, but it improves conversion rates too.

I will show you how to unlock the door to more business through lead generation and give you the facts about the PPC and SEO-specific staffing costs you don’t need to incur. I’ll also explain why we can guarantee higher quality leads for your business and how that could boost your sales performance.

If you’re already interested in finding out how to supercharge your online business and digital marketing strategy, contact us to find out more. We’ll revolutionize your online marketing strategy and improve your marketing ROI.

If you need a little more convincing about the benefits of our tactics for effective marketing, read on.

The Cost of PPC and SEO Experts Is High

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Hiring staff is expensive, and getting those with the right knowledge and experience to improve your internet marketing is highly challenging. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Junior SEO marketer is $44,740 per year, and the PPC equivalent is in the same ballpark.

That means before you’ve considered the other costs of hiring staff, such as training and equipment, you’re already spending close to $100,000. That means you’re fighting hard to make those inbound and outbound leads not cost you the earth.

Then what happens when the staff you’ve trained want to leave or turn out not to be as good as you thought they were? That’s when the real cost of hiring marketers begins to hit, and it could be enough to wipe out any expected ROI.

The answer? Paying for high-quality leads already optimized towards higher-value sales. That’s the best way to bring in new customers and optimize your marketing techniques.

Effective Marketing through Lead Generation

Being profitable using online marketing in an increasingly competitive environment is hard, and you can’t rely on keeping your existing customers forever. Not hiring PPC and SEO experts isn’t an option, but getting your $100,000 minimum spend back isn’t a guarantee either.

Getting qualified leads into your sales funnel doesn’t have to be risky or expensive, and here’s the secret. We’re experts in getting small businesses marketing success fast, and our experience means we know the most effective methods and use the best marketing tools.

Your Marketing Team Is Costing You Profit

Stop Losing Customers and Start the Path to Marketing Success

We can support you in delivering your business goals at a fraction of the cost. If you want us to take over your end-to-end marketing operation, we’ll grow your audience without you paying for marketing training or staff. If you’d like to understand more about lead generation, get in touch today.

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