How To Get More Leads To My Business Saving Time & Money

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How To Get More Leads To My Business

The revenues and profits of a business depend to a large extent on the orders it will get. While some orders are from existing customers, a large number of orders are usually from new customers. The business will get information about these new customers from the leads which are obtained by the sales and marketing team. While the marketing activities for the business will help in generating new leads, many small and medium-sized businesses do not have a large marketing & sales team to generate the leads required for fast business growth. So it is often far more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to purchase leads from a lead generation service.

How Are The Leads Obtained?

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Leads can be generated in many ways including but not limited to Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn. Pinterest and so many more. Not to mention from organic traffic. Hiring someone with all these skills as well as creating a website is not cheap. Sure you could always go through the route of learning yourself. With so many free and paid courses promising the world, but do you have the time and money to try?

We offer high quality leads for all kinds of businesses, in any location or niche. The leads will be provided even if the business does not have any website at present. We will create a website for any business interested in our lead service at no additional cost. The business need only have a working phone number and email so that prospective customers can contact the business.

How Much Will The Leads Cost?

Leads are collected and sold as a bundle. Leads cost 20% of the average value of the lead. Some will be of higher quality than others but they all cost the same. After a few weeks, we meet with the lead buyer to discuss the quality of the leads generated, how they can be improved, the price point to determine how things can be improved. The lead buyer will have 2 options. 

  1. exclusive leads – All leads generated in the location and niche will only be sold to an individual lead buyer.
  2. non-exclusive leads – Leads will be sold up to 4 leads buyers total.

Exclusive leads are more expensive but you can expect very high conversion rates.


Improved Strategy and Consistency By Tracking Leads

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We will be tracking all the leads which we will generate for a particular business. Then we will bill the business either weekly or monthly for the leads which are generated. This is the ideal option for small businesses who wish to get leads to increase the number of customers and also find out what the customers are looking for.

Most small businesses do not have the resources and funds to upgrade their website, to improve the ranking in search engines or pay for additional marketing with no guaranteed results. Paying a fixed amount for every lead generated is usually far more cost effective for small businesses.

The Bottom Line, Should I Pay For Prospects?

Some of the small business lack the resources to do marketing in-house and are interested in outsourcing marketing to get more orders. While we also offer marketing services for small businesses, we charge all our clients, an amount upfront for providing this service. In contrast for lead generation, the business will not have to pay any amount initially, they will only be charged based on the number of leads they actually receive till the end of the month or week, depending on the agreed terms and conditions. This makes the service ideal for small businesses and startups with a limited marketing budget.

So if your business is interested in getting high quality leads to increase your orders, revenues and profit, please contact us at Extra Large Marketing at the earliest using the form provided below. We will revert to you at the earliest with our best price offer for leads for your business. You can also check the quality of our leads without upfront payment with our sign up deal providing you with 3 free leads.

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